Big Prayer Museum.

32607 Gordon Side Road Fulshear, Texas 77441

Big Prayer Museum

Big Prayer Museum is an organization designed to bring the community together, educate our youth and savor our history, culture, and artifacts. To inspire artist to display, create, and share their talents.

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Big Prayer Naaim museum Project from on Vimeo.

Big Prayer Museum

Big Prayer Museum has been recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity. Monetary donations made to the organization without receiving any benefits or services in return are tax deductible. A portion of your membership fees will be deductible based on your membership level. BPM will identify how much of your membership fees are tax deductible.
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Mission Statement

BPM mission statement encapsulates the basics of any museum. What makes BPM unique is the history, what you can do in nature and the all inclusive platform that includes people from all walks life. We are bringing innovation to the Museum industry!

To bring forth the best virtual experience and provide an interactive platform. We want you to be a part.

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What you can do at
Big Prayer Museum

Learn about the history, farmoing, walking nature trail, pet the animals, ride the horse, touch authentic artifacts and meeting interest people.

Challenging our local and global community to help us improve what we do. Our vision is living and educating people, so their ears will allow them to think positive. We are the hope in future.

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